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    always interested in talking about gender or dorky stuff :)

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  • Hi! Here are words to describe me.

    Hi! My name is Ginny Mae, gifted boy turned burnout girl.

    • autistic + adhd exclusive pre-order dlc
    • submissive like a guard dog
    • single parent
    • nerd
    • baby trans (hatched 2022-12-22; HRT 2023-03-14)
    • based in the seattle area, utc-8/-7
    • i like bulleted lists

    weird on main and easy to manipulate (call me pretty)
    you can find me posting weird thoughts that pop into my head

    If you are nice we can be friends!

    Previous editions of me:

    • improv performer/director
    • New Yorker (i'm walkin' here!)
    • cyclist (longest ride ~85 miles)

    🏳️‍⚧️ egg cracked: 2022-12-22
    🏳️‍⚧️ HRT bday: 2023-03-14

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